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Vision Exchange is at the epicenter of Singapore's second CBD. Under the Government's Master Plan 2014, Jurong Gateway is planned to cater for approximately 500,000 sqm of office space and 250,000 sqm of retail, F&B and entertainment uses. Around 2,500 hotel rooms will also be developed to cater to business travellers and visitors to the leisure destinations around the lake. A number of these commercial spaces have been completed.

Vision Exchange is at the epicentre of Jurong Gateway

Jurong Gateway is also highly connected to an integrated network of elevated pedestrian walkways that provide seamless and comfortable connections between developments, amenities and public transportation nodes.

The network allows commuters to walk conveniently and comfortably from the Jurong East MRT station. It will extend to the Lakeside Gateway to connect the two precincts eventually.  
A pedestrian mall, J-Link, at the Jurong East town center was also opened in November 2014, enhancing pedestrians’ experience in Jurong Gateway by providing a seamless and enjoyable journey from Jurong East MRT station to Lakeside, where the current Science Centre is located.

Vision Exchange offers unparalleled connectivity that enables all occupants to access all amenities away from the sun and the rain.  


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