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Vision Exchange is one of the newest and most well-specified buildings in Jurong Gateway. It offers unparalleled flexibility in floor layouts due to the large footprint of the building. With a floor plate of 25,000 square feet per floor, the space needs of every type of tenants can be catered to.  With a simple, rectangular floor plate, tenants can be assured that they can maximise the use of the space. 

Lift lobby, level 8

The building offers floor plates of 25,000 square feet per floor. Single tenants have the flexibility to create well-segregated offices that can ensure privacy with meetings rooms that can cater to different needs.


Tenants will also be able to create and/or open concept offices that facilitate communications amongst staff.   


Companies that require less space can also find a home in Vision Exchange. A wide variety of spaces is available that can meet the differing needs of tenants. 


The regular shape of each unit also ensures that tenants can maximise the space and make efficient use of their spaces. 

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